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dc.contributor.authorMendoza del Carpio, Paul
dc.contributor.authorDavila, Abraham
dc.identifier.citationP. Mendoza and A. Davila, "A Technique Based on Naming Patterns for Finding Candidates to Components from Source Code," in IEEE Latin America Transactions, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 482-487, March 2017. doi: 10.1109/TLA.2017.7867598 keywords: {software architecture;source code (software);system documentation;pattern naming;candidate finding;source code;component identification;architectural components;Eclipse project;Apache project;architectural documentation;Software;Production facilities;Computer architecture;Metadata;Java;Information filters;architectural component;naming pattern}, URL:
dc.description.abstractComponent identification is relevant in maintenance activities but can be hard in scenarios where the volume of source code is high and there is no architecture documentation. This work presents a technique for finding concepts as candidates of architectural components. The technique is based in the frequency of terms that follows naming patterns that are proposed in this work. Projects from Eclipse and Apache, were used for evaluating the technique. The results show terms which match with some popular component types and domain concepts of the software in treatment. The technique has used source code without any architectural documentation showing that could be applied in emergent architectures.es_ES
dc.publisherIEEE Latin America Transactionses_ES
dc.sourceRepositorio Institucional - ULASALLEes_ES
dc.subjectSoftware, Production facilities, Computer architecture Metadata, Java, Information filterses_ES
dc.titleA Technique Based on Naming Patterns for Finding Candidates to Components from Source Codees_ES
dc.identifier.journalIEEE Latin America Transactionses_ES
dc.description.peer-reviewDoble- Ciegoes_ES
dc.subject.ocdeSoftware architecture, source code (software), system documentatioes_ES

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